Announces Partnership with the "Professional Domino Association" to Host Online Domino Tournaments for cash prizes

June 12, 2006, an online provider of tournament-quality, competitive multi-player games of skill announced today that it has entered into an exclusive co-branded affiliate agreement with Professional Domino Association ("PDA") a prestigious Land-based Dominoes Tournament host. Under the terms of this agreement, will provide co-branded online gaming content to PDA, and the two firms will share the revenues generated from hosting online matches and tournaments. spokesman stated, "GameColony has replicated the real-world tournament playing environment by offering a common forum for a growing number of players from all over the world to engage in healthy and entertaining online competition. We've engineered a lucrative revenue-sharing program that works best with our unique business model, and provides an income opportunity for our partners.

Our Affiliate program is designed to complement the existing advertisement-based revenue and/or subscription stream for external sites. Individual web-sites, portals, publishers, media companies, charitable organizations and online affinity groups looking to supplement their revenues will be able to share in the success of pay-for-play games of skill."

Jay King, Commissioner of PDA and an undisputed Domino champion stated: "ESPN sports network has declared dominoes the next big spectator sport and is working with PDA to strongly promote dominoes as both a cultural touchstone and as a highly competitive game, complete with rankings, formal tournaments, celebrity events and sponsors.

He added: "It is entirely possible that dominoes can become as popular as poker at least as far as TV appeal goes. Poker players tend to hide their emotions so as their opponents will not be able to read them, while domino players tend to be animated, colorful, talkative and downright funny which makes for great TV." In an effort to provide real value to its players, PDA under strategic direction of Jay King, made the decision, after much due diligence, to go with

After reviewing several competing proposals, the management of PDA felt that was the best option to play online based primarily on game quality, Site integrity and security. According to CEO, "This strategic arrangement marks GameColony's expansion into the growing online Dominoes market.

Competitive multi-player Dominoes has a universal appeal," continued GC spokesman. "We offer a common forum for a growing number of players from all over the world to engage in healthy and entertaining online competition regardless of their cultural background, language or location." employs a number of proprietary algorithms to enhance the overall skill component of its classic Dominoes game and provides the highest level of security available on the Internet.

Additionally, GameColony's online Domino application was developed with the latest Java technology, allowing players to launch the game from most Internet browsers in just a few seconds. spokesman commented: "With no lengthy downloads, no subscriber fees and the allure of instant cash prizes, we have created an enthusiastic, competitive and very active online community.

The types of tournaments that we currently offer are Swiss, Mini-tourneys and Double/Single-elimination. We have replicated the real-world tournament-playing environment by utilizing a standard ELO rating system, reflecting players' skill level. All money-based tournament games are recorded and players' rating statistics are kept current. We act solely as an independent tournament host and leave the outcome of every game in the players' hands."


Established in 1999, California-based is an Internet provider of universally popular, competitive multi-player games of skill. The company offers a world-class online gaming destination where, just as in land-based tournaments, players pay an entry fee to compete for cash prizes. 20 real-time games of skill are currently available at including: Solitaire, Pyramids, FreeCell, Cribbage, Canasta, Pool, Darts, Gin Rummy, Backgammon, Mahjong and Dominoes. games do not constitute gambling because they involve predominantly skill, as opposed to chance, and the company also keeps players from getting in over their heads financially by limiting their monthly losses. fee-based tournaments are designed as interactive competitive online entertainment for adults and are restricted to individuals of legal age in their respective jurisdiction. Players must also meet criteria for location eligibility in order to participate. As outlined in Company Terms & Conditions, skill-based games with cash prizes are legal in specified U.S. states and in most of Europe and Asia. For more information on, please visit the web site at

About Professional Dominoes Association
BR> The PDA was created by "professional domino players" for "professional domino players" to display their skills. For ages, dominoes was and still is, one of the few board games that is enjoyed by people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. With Poker's popularity surging on television, at casinos and online, the Professional Domino Association anticipates the same response and exposure for their professional domino tournaments and players.
BR> For more information PDA, please visit the web sites at

For more information on, please visit the web site at


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