GameColony Inc. Announces Release of the New Pyramids Card Game

June 1, 2006, an online provider of multi-player skill-based tournaments, announced today that it has introduced its 20th online game - Pyramids. Pyramids game is an exciting twist on a classic Tri-Peak Solitaire card game. Pyramids game features engaging animations built around the theme of ancient Egyptian Pyramids.

Although the game has been at site for no more than 2 days, it has already proved to be extremely popular with players. Playing the Game is very simple -- the goal is to earn points by clearing the pyramids. Players click on the cards that are 1 point higher or 1 point lower than the 'cut' card displayed next to the deck.

Players can get higher scores by clearing long runs of cards. The color or suits make no difference. Ace card is considered to be 1 point away from both King and Two. If no card can be played, players can use the draw pile or a single wild card (Joker) that can be matched with any open card. The game ends when (a) the time runs out or (b) if there are no more draw piles or (c) if there are no more moves.

Pyramids has 3 decks of cards to clear. Although it's a simple game, it has both strategic and tactical dimensions, requiring players to be skillful in order to win. Players who remember the cards used, are able to make a better choice of a move: at times it may even be advantageous to sacrifice a wild card in order to get a longer run or to finalize an intermediate deck. Players can also try to strike a balance between clearing card sequences and finalizing individual decks on time.

Aside from 3-D graphics and cool animation and sound-effects, there's a whole new dimension for players -- they can compete in various on-site tournaments to win cash prizes. GameColony's Java games can be played on any Windows, Macintosh or Linux computers with any browsers.

About GameColony:
GameColony has replicated the real-world tournament-playing environment and created an online community where users from all over the world can compete with each other to win cash prizes. The company continuously expands its operation with new game offerings and has already awarded over $1,000,000 in prize money to players.

20 real-time games of skill are currently available at Gin Rummy, Backgammon, Cribbage, Dominoes, Canasta, Pool, Solitaire, BuckMan, Pyramids, FreeCell, Rush 21, Poker-Rush, Pharaoh Treasure, Mahjong, Darts, Chess, etc. Players enter online competitions by contributing entry fees. The winner collects a cash prize based on the percentage of the resulting tournament prize-pot.

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