Arcade-Style Tournaments

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Arcade-style Tournaments and How do they Work?

Arcade-style Tournaments are held for Solitaire, FreeCell, Rush-21, Poker-Rush, Lines-Collapse, Pharaoh's Treasure, Mahjong, Pool-Rush, Aqua-Rush, BuckMan, Pyramids & Pyramid-13 games.

In Arcade-style Tournaments, you can play and compete against other players. A player who gets the highest score in a Tournament wins & gets the $Prize Pot!

How do I get started?

Players can use their Tickets as an entry fee for Solitaire, FreeCell, Lines-Collapse, Rush 21, Pharaoh's Treasure and other upcoming multi-player Arcade Tournaments of Skill.

What tournament types are available?
$Ticket Tournaments can be either: (1) Instant $Prizes or (2) Jackpot.

How much does it cost to Play?

Tournaments have a variety of entry fees listed. You'll see multiple tournaments with their entry fees listed. Select a tournament in your price range, and join!

How do I find out if I won?

Once you complete the tournament, you will be automatically directed to the Tournament Standings page for this Tournament.
It may take some time for your opponents to fill up the tournament & finish their games there. In this case, the Tournament Standings page will display that winner has not been declared yet. At any other time, you can also view the tournaments that you've participated in by selecting the "Manage Account" button, then selecting "View My Completed Tournaments". While the tournament is in progress, only players who have registered for the tournament can view that tournament's standings.
If you WON a Tournament, you'll be (1) notified by email and (2) the Prize will be automatically deposited into your personal Account.
You can also view the winners of each tournament you participate in by selecting the "Manage Account" link, and then selecting the "View my Completed Tournaments link.

How soon will I see my winnings?

What can I do with the Winnings?

If you win, you can redeem ALL of the $Tickets in your account at any time (at the rate 1 $Ticket = $1 USD) by selecting "Manage Account" button located on every page. There are NO FEES for withdrawals! (Bonus Tickets restrictions apply.)

Why do others win and not me?

Our games reward a player's skill - and as in real life, some players happen to be more skilled in a particular game than others. Your skill should improve as you practice, and those players who seem to win a lot of Tournaments most probably started off just like you!
Here are some helpful suggestions: if you've been playing in Tournaments with a lot of players, (1) try entering tournaments with fewer players; (2) try playing at different times of the day, when there will be a different mix of people competing or (3) try a different game; perhaps the one you've been playing just isn't your forte.

What is the estimate of Skill vs. Chance here?

Our games are based primarily on skill. It's the skill of the player, not luck, which determines the outcome of our Tournaments. Even in games where there seems to be a minor element of chance, such element of chance has been significantly reduced through our proprietary algorithms.

How are players of different skills paired for Tournaments?

Within the same tournament, all players are assured the same difficulty level. Players of different skill ranges will only be able to see/enter tournaments according to their level of skill.

Are players cheating here?

We have a number of methods for detecting people that are cheating, and will VOID Tournament results and TERMINATE player accounts of those attempting to cheat.

Are there Limitations on player participation?

Any U.S. resident in a non-restricted state that is 18 or older and has a valid Visa, Mastercard, or confirmed PayPal account. Players must be of legal age in their respective jurisdiction. The rules governing contests, and tournaments with entry fees and/or prizes are set up by each individual state, not by the federal government. Based on these 50 sets of laws, we do not offer fee-based tournaments with prizes to residents of the following states: Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, South Carolina, Ohio, Washington and Vermont. (Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for full details)

Top 2 winners of any jackpot tournament will not be able to participate in the very next similar jackpot tournament.

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