Cyber Jargon in Online Chat

Cyber Abbreviations - Jargon for Games
2u2 To You Too
10x Thanks
afc Away From Computer
afk Away From Keyboard
asap As Soon As Possible
asl Age/Sex/Location
attn Attention
b4 Before
b4n Bye For Now
bb4n Bye Bye For Now
bbfn Bye Bye For Now
bbiab Be Back In A Bit
b/c Because
beg. Beginner
bf Boy Friend
bfn Bye For Now
bol Best Of Luck
brb Be Right Back
btw By The Way
cu See You
cul8r See You Later
cya See You
cuz Because (Cause)
da The
ez Easy
faq Frequently Asked Question(s)
fyi For You Information
g1 Good One
g2g Got To Go
ge Good Evening
gf Girl Friend
gg Good Game
gl Good Luck
gl2u2 Good Luck To You Too
gm Good Morning
Good Match / Move
gmta Great Minds Think Alike
gn Good Night
gr Good Roll
gr8 Great
gtg Got To Go
h&k Hug & Kiss
ha ha Laugh
he he Laugh
hiya Hi You
ho ho Sarcastic Laugh
ic I See
im Instant Message/Messaging
imho In My Humble Opinion
In My Honest Opinion
imnsho In My Not So Humble Opinion
imo In My Opinion
irl In Real Life
isp Internet Service Provider
iwi I Will Invite
k OK
l8r Later
LG Ladder Game
lmao Laughing My Ass Off
LN Ladder Name
lol Laughing Out Loud
LOL Laughing Out Loud Even Harder
min Minute
mp My Pleasure
n/a Not Acceptable
Not Applicable
Not Available
nb Nota Bene
nn Night Night
np No Problem
nr Nice Roll
oic Oh! I See
omg Oh My God
omw On My Way
pls Please
plz Please
pm Private Message
ppl People
qt Cutie
re Regarding
rgds Regards
rofl Rolling On the Floor Laughing
roflmao Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off
sec Second
tc Take Care
thx Thanks
tl Talk Later
tnx Thanks
tom. Tommorrow
ttfn Ta Ta For Now
ttyl Talk To You Later
ty Thank You
tyvm Thank You Very Much
tyfp Thank You For Playing
u2 You Too
ur Your
url Uniform Resource Locator
urw You're Welcome
vgg Very Good Game
vgm Very Good Match
vnr Very Nice Roll
w8 Wait
wb Welcome Back
w/o Without
wtg Way To Go
www World Wide Web
y Why
ya You
yp Your Play
yw You're Welcome
Cyber Emotions - Jargon for Games
*G* Grin
*H* Hug
*K* Kiss
*S* Smile
*W* Wink
:) Normal Smile
:-) Normal Smile
;) Wink
;-) Wink
:D Very Big Smile or Laugh
(((name))) Cyber Hug
:-P Sticking Out Tongue
:( Frown
>:( Angry
%) Crazy
:& TongueTied
:\ Undecided
:O Shocked
:-@ Screaming
:'( Crying
:*( Crying

Objects in Cyber Jargon
\~/ Full Glass
\_/ Glass (Drink)
@[_]~~ Mug of Hot Coffee or Tea
@}--,--'--- Rose

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