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Kasparov vs. world chess match

Chess News     Kasparov-world match     Las Vegas FIDE World Championship

  • October 18, 1999. Kasparov vs. World match wraps up with a horrible fiasco with Microsoft losing a move suggestion by I. Krush  (?). Reuters, Yahoo,world wide media now hot on the story, fraud charged.  Jude Acers/ChessLab believes that Kasparov's victory was richly earned -- he hung in the there grimly, kept the game alive period. The World's move 58...Qe4?? suggested by E. Bacrot was listed as losing in all variations given on October 10-th by FIDE champion Khalifman and Grandmaster Chess School.   It appeared full one week before the World was led astray by French grandmaster and national champion E. Bacrot.  Bacrot's suggestion lost outright -- immediately at 2:04 AM EST Friday October 15, 1999.
  • October 20, 1999 "GM Chess School gives NO recommendations to the world, as our opinion is that after   58...Qe4?? 59.Qg1+ White wins in all lines.  A pity. the World did not follow our recommendations and did not manage to find a path to the draw in the jungle of lines after the 58th move.  Almost 45% of the team members considered the recommendations of GM School (58...Qf5) but the majority has chosen 58...Qe4??. One could say-what's the difference where to move the queen to f5 or e4? Unfortunately there is the difference and it is a substantial difference. The correct  58...Qf5 ! could have resulted in a complicated game where a draw was the most probable result, and the "natural"   58...Qe4?? (according to MS Zone expert Bacrot) is a final and complete disaster for Black."
  • October 19, 1999. BBC News: "Microsoft challenged over Net Chess ".....Chess players around the globe have accused Microsoft of ruining an Internet game between Russian grandmaster Gary Kasparov and the rest of the world.  They say the company messed up a move they posted on a special Web site where the world champion was taking on all comers....The participants say the mistake cost them at least a highly respectable draw and may even have denied them victory.   But Microsoft   rejects criticism of the way it has managed the four month long Kasparov  vs. the world game, saying the cyberclash has been conducted within the rules......the row centers on move 58.  One of the options proposed by 15 year old US women's chess   champ0ion Irina Krush, did not appear, because  she had server problems when posting the move by e-mail. Consequently, Internet users could not vote for her suggestion and chose what turned out to be an inferior option" etc.. Full story at
  •  SalonMagazine  Microsoft chess: Call It a draw?    The virtual match "Kasparov vs. the World" ends in chess suicide, offering a glimpse into the nature of online community  by Mark Gimein     October 20,1999 Sabotage. Ballot Stuffing.  Mass Suicide. Protest Web Sites. Welcome to the world of online chess....(fantastic article)  at         

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