How Byes are Assigned in Multiplayer Tournaments

Prior to the tournament start, the players in the tournament are ordered according to the times that they entered into a tournament by signing up and paying the tournament fee.
After the tournament is started by a TD, the players' listing in the tournament gets randomized. The byes are assigned after randomization of the initial time-dependent list. The assignment of byes follows the "Olympic system" where the last unmatched players in the randomized list receive byes. Byes are shown in the bottom of the brackets.

Analysis of Byes in past Tournaments

GameColony has analyzed the assignment of byes in the last 100 multiplayer cribbage tournaments single elimination. The results of the tests showing 40 of the latest cribbage tournaments (as of May 20, 2012 can be reviewed HERE
In the listing of cribbage tournaments above, the players that have received byes are shown in red color. The players are listed along with the times that they entered into a tournament (paid the tournament fee). The times are shown rounded up to the last minute.

We have found no pattern connecting the byes' assignment with the time of tournament entry or any other relevant factor.

Whereas the time of entering a tournament (by signing up and paying a tournament fee) plays a role in initial placement of players in the tournament, the time of entering the game room does not play any role in the process of randomization of players for the brackets:
  • the tournament bracket and byes assignment process is completely separate from the players' room entry
  • for the brackets and byes to be assigned at tournament start by a TD, in principle, the players don't even have to enter the room at all - they just have to sign up for the tournament prior to a TD starting it.   If for some reason, TD had decided not to wait for any players prior to Start, these players would still be listed and byes would still be randomly assigned if necessary.

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