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you can review games from your completed mini-tourneys & tournaments

  • Learn from your own mistakes
  • Analyze your opponents' styles and preference
  • Bring your Backgammon playing skill to a new level

  • How to select backgammon games for review

    For your completed Mini-tourneys & Tournaments, you can now review your own backgammon matches visually game-by-game, move-by-move.

    You can only review your daily list of backgammon games if you are logged in.

    To review your Backgammon Ticket games in 'Manage Account', you can select 'mini/multi-player tournaments' or 'account statement', and then select 'view' for a specific game.

    Below is a sample backgammon game as seen using a backgammon game viewer. On the right-hand side of the backgammon board there's a game navigation panel. You can navigate within each game of the match and move through each move within a game.
    Review your Backgammon games HERE

    Backgammon Game Viewer - Example

    If the VCR-like 'Play' button is pressed once in the real Backgammon Viewer (as opposed to the picture below), this move would visually play out on the board and the turn would switch.

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