The Basics

1.  PLAY OUR FREE GAMES-- improve your skill and have fun J
2.  BUY TOURNEY TICKETS-- it takes only $5.95 to open an account!
3.  PLAY FOR TICKETS & WIN ! -- play, have fun & make new friends
4.  CA$H OUT !-- exchange all tickets for CASH


Mini-tourneys are fast-paced 2-player tournaments in the games of skill that you can play in all of the playing rooms. All Mini-tourneys are played for Tickets -- only VIP players (with Tickets) can play in a Mini-tourney against each other.

VIP members who hold Tickets are denoted in blue with a $ sign in-front of their Screen Name. The winner of the Mini-tourney receives a prize based on the collected total entry fees in Tickets (see commission schedule).

If you are a VIP player with Tickets, you can easily set-up your own Mini-tourney by creating a Table with one extra option -- an 'entry fee' in Tickets. You'd be able to select an entry fee (from ½ Tickets to 15 Tickets). You would need to read, understand and fully agree to be bound by our Terms & Conditions agreement and indicate the above by placing a checkmark in Table Options.

Only another VIP with sufficient number of Tickets will be able to join your Mini-tourney (by invitation or otherwise). For your protection, no other player will be allowed to watch your Mini-tourney games.

Once the Mini-tourney starts, the agreed-upon entry fees for both players get deducted. If the Mini-tourney ends in a draw or gets aborted, the entry fees get immediately refunded to both players. The winner of the Mini-tourney receives a prize based on the percentage of combined entry fees (see commissions). All of the above transactions are immediately reflected in your account statement (accessible from 'Manage Account') and on the game table - for 'your eyes only'.

To help you keep track of your account balance during the Mini-tourney, the image of a Mini-tourney Ticket like the one below is displayed at your game table. This Ticket image is shown privately only at your game table and it has your remaining account balance (e.g., 25 Tickets) and what the current Mini-tourney entry fee is (e.g., 1 Ticket). The private chat area also describes your account transactions during a Mini-tourney.

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