Skill-based Tournaments - An Overview

This site provides an online service to players participating in competitive games of skill. Participants can play a variety of FREE skill-based games and/or compete in multi-player Tournaments. Just like in real land-based Tournaments, the players pay an entry fee for participation in online Tournament events, and may win $prizes.

It is required that players review, accept and agree to be bound by Terms and Conditions before participating in any game or tournament. These rules spell out the important aspects of eligibility, registration, tax consequences and etc. All rules, regulations, and payoffs contained herein are subject to change and revision by the management without prior written notice.  You must periodically review these Terms and Conditions posted at this Web site at a rate not less than once monthly.

It is important to note that on our site, you play skill-based games strictly against other real people from around the world. This site neither participates nor controls the outcome of any game(s) and act solely as an independent Tournament host. This site's compensation is purely derived from online Tournament events by collecting a percentage of the prize-pot for hosting services provided. 

All players agree to be bound by the official Terms and Conditions, and recognize the decisions of the site's administrators as final.


Just like in real land-based Tournaments, the players pay an entry fee for participation in online Money Tournament and may win Cash Prizes.

In order to participate in Tournaments, you need to feel very comfortable with our Site and our games. In fact, it is an absolute requirement for players to play several Free games on our site prior to playing for Tickets (1 Ticket = $1 USD).

When you have met all our Eligibility Requirements, you can proceed to purchase Tournament Tickets and participate in Money Tournaments with Cash Prizes.

Purchasing Tickets

Each ticket costs $1(USD) plus applicable charges and processing fees.  

You can proceed to purchase Tickets by clicking HERE or via BUY Tickets Button or Links on the Site.

Tournament Tickets can be bought via PayPal or by a valid Credit Card directly on our site. As you may already know, PayPal has emerged as the leading method of moving money on the Internet. It's used by over 70 million people worldwide for paying for and receiving funds.

When you enter your payment options on the 'Purchase Tickets' page, and, once approved, you will be returned to our playing page, complete with tickets. You are now ready to participate in Tournaments.

Playing the Game

This site provides an online service to players participating in competitive games of skill (chess, checkers, dominoes, gin, backgammon, cribbage, etc.) Tournaments give these players an ability to participate in scheduled online Swiss system, Double, Single Elimination Tournaments, Mini-Tourneys and Arcade-Style Tournaments. The players' standings and parings at each round are determined automatically and are displayed.

From time-to-time, this site will engage tournament directors (TD's) for bringing in players, scheduling and conducting Tournaments, and enforcing the rules. No player will be allowed to watch Tournament game in-progress, with the exception of a Tournament Director (TD) and only in-cases with an identified table issue/problem.

Odds and Prizes

The results of all Tournaments offered on the Site depend on the number of participants and their skill level; precise odds of winning are therefore not applicable.

In a typical Multi-player Tournament (3 or more participants) approximately 85% of total entry fees will constitute the Net Prize (rounded down to the nearest $Ticket) and will be distributed to the winner(s) according to the online calculator available for all pending tournaments.  For Mini-Tourneys commissions, please click here.

Determination of Winners

Lists of winners will be posted on the Site immediately following each tournament. The results and winners of each tournament offered on the Site will be determined by the site's management in its sole discretion. By registering and/or participating in any tournament, you agree to be bound by these determinations and to recognize Management's decisions as final.

Cashing-Out your Tickets

The value of prizes offered in Skill-based Tournaments will be disclosed at the beginning of the event. Prizes will be in the form of Tournament Tickets deposited directly into winners' accounts. Tickets can be freely 'converted' into cash: 1Ticket = $1USD and monies to be sent to you.

It is easy to cash-out your Tournament Tickets and withdraw money from your account. Simply click 'Manage your Account' link and select the Cash-out option. You will be prompted to enter the applicable information. There are NO charges for withdrawals or 'conversion'.

If you have purchased Tournament Tickets account via PayPal, we can send you the money directly to your PayPal account. If you have purchased your Tickets by VISA/MasterCard, you can withdraw funds as a credit back to your credit card up to the amount that you have used to purchase the Tickets. Remaining amount in excess of the original Ticket purchase will be sent to you by check.

This site restricts the frequency of Cash-outs to one per customer per 3 week period. In order to warrant processing costs, the minimum cash-out amount is 2 Tournament Tickets (or $2 USD).

Game Rules

Rules for each specific game offered on the Site are listed on the room listings page on top of the rooms.