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Pyramid-13 Game
Object of the Game

  • Clear a Pyramid by clicking open cards that sum up to 13 points. You can click on any open card to select or deselect it. When the point sum of selected cards equals 13, these cards are dropped (discarded).
    King 13 pts
    Queen 12 pts
    Jack 11 pts
    10 10 pts
    9 9 pts
    8 8 pts
    7 7 pts
    6 6 pts
    5 5 pts
    4 4 pts
    3 3 pts
    2 2 pts
    Ace 1 pts

In the example above, a player can click on 2 cards: 3 below a pyramid and 10 in the bottom row of the pyramid. As these cards sum up to 13, this would result in clearing the 10 off the pyramid.
The above example has other ways to clear the pyramid, such as: 6 + 6 + Ace = 13
There's also another possible clearing (probably the best one): 10 + 3 = 13


  • A player can get a higher score by clearing each pyramid faster with fewer rotations of the draw pile. The color or suits make no difference.
  • There are 2 decks with one Joker per deck. Joker can be used for clearing any card except King. (King has already a 13 pt value and can be just discarded)
  • If you experience difficulties completing the 1st pyramid, you can use 'skip hand' button to continue with the 2nd one.
  • You can use 'undo' button to reverse clearing (but not to reverse deck rotation)
  • The game ends when (a) the time runs out or (b) if there are no more draw piles or (c) if there are no more moves.


  • Clearing a single card gives 10 points
  • Rotating the deck subtracts 20 points
  • Completing each of the 2 pyramids gives 50 points
  • There is a time bonus in points for finishing the game earlier than the time limit

    Strategy Tips

  • It's better to use as many cards as possible within the pyramid (as opposed to deck) while keeping the open pyramid cards such that they offer the most choices for later clearing
  • Try to use the wild card only when absolutely necessary
  • Given a choice, try to clear the cards in a way that would open up more possibilities for further clearing
  • Try to use the Joker with it at least 2 cards (or more) from the pyramid
  • If you remember the cards used, you'll be able to make a better choice: at times it may even be advantageous to delay clearing the card off the pyramid in order to get a better choice later on
  • Rather than just trying to clear the pyramid, try to get as many points as possible by clearing the deck cards as well

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