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Online partnership Spades can hardly be a serious game in online environment because of rampant player collusion in all partnership games. Even a single individual can get two separate online identities and pose as two partners, winning against an opposing real partnership every time.  You can play two-player online Spades at this site.  2-player online Spades is completely collusion-proof. It is an exciting card game of skill for serious players.
How Not To Lose At Spades will teach you to reach your full potential for winning at Spades. The book is written by one of the most celebrated Spades players on the Internet. How Not To Lose At Spades names over 70 common mistakes that will cost you your game. The book offers a plethora of bidding and playing examples that will teach you how to avoid these mistakes. Read this excellent Spades book and become an expert Spades player!
This book is for a seasoned Spades player. It offers advanced spades tips that work and are fun to try out in games. You will improve your winning percentage in spades greatly. The book is written using a lot of examples and it is best for someone who has the time to practice the examples.
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